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Kirill Runkov’s Barbarian Cocktail

Kirill Runkov represented Russia at the World Class Bartender of the Year final, 2013

The name 22.13 Favourite Place is a bold statement of intent by creators Global Point, a Russian advertising agency that wanted to offer a hospitality venue so cherished it would become guests’ first choice in Moscow. An eclectic mix of influences garnered by the team as it goes about its travels, it follows a sister ‘Favourite Place’ in St Petersburg, and is recently joined by a New York sibling, with another in Paris on the way. Catering to local creatives and professionals, the Moscow space has an industrial edge with raw textures, low ceilings and atmospheric lighting from flaming torches that line the walls.

The Bartender

Kirill Runkov, 27, came to 22.13 after stints in St Petersburg at its sister venue and Soho Lounge, and a spell at City Space bar in Moscow. He takes a distinctly seasonal, culinary and quirky approach to his craft. Recognising that Moscow has such dramatic shifts in climate, Kirill saw that drinks must follow ingredients and people’s aspirations at different times throughout the year. He finds that the use of the kitchen and close proximity to chefs allows him to expand the range of products he can draw upon during sparer times, and extend the reach of existing ingredients in terms of texture and flavour. He points to time working with Daniel Burns in particular (Noma and The Fat Duck) as revolutionising his approach to preparing drinks.

The Drink

The Barbarian cocktail is a lot more civilized than it sounds, though it is certainly not conventional. The recipe is a perfect illustration of Kirill’s fascination with culinary methods and experimental ethos. The fat wash technique involves infusing 700ml of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and 100ml melted duck fat; after infusing for three hours, it is frozen and the solid fat strained off. The tempura batter blends wheat flour, Guinness, starch and eggs; the figs are then coated and deep-fried. There is a distinct Asian slant to the ingredients, but Kirill notes that it is only with the Johnnie Walker Blue Label that it gets truly tremendous.


The Technique

Duck fat washed Johnnie Walker Blue Label • 60ml
Homemade fig confit • 15ml
Homemade honey syrup • 15ml
Bitter Truth chocolate mole bitters • 1 dash
Mozart chocolate bitters • 1 small dash
Guinness tempura fried fig to garnish
Contains 20 grams of alcohol per serve

Add ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake and pour into a vintage pewter cup. Garnish with the Guinness tempura.

22.13 is a ‘pre-party’ venue, a place to head to for dinner and drinks to warm up before heading out to one of the many late night venues in the area. The Barbarian cocktail is a designated autumnal drink and best enjoyed with a hearty and wholesome autumn/winter lunch dish featuring duck.

The strictly seasonal approach to ingredients and the adventurous use of culinary technology and methods mean Kirill’s offerings are highly imaginative and certainly unique.

Images by Arsen Galstyan

Kirill’s Insider’s Guide to Moscow

Place to eat

Place to relax
Gorky Park

Place to dance
Belka bar

Place to shop
Tsvetnoy Central Market

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Tretyakovskaya Gallery

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