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The World Class 50: The Definitive Drinking Guide features 50 of the most innovative and talented bartenders from across the globe. Each bartender showcases the perfect location, the most inventive cocktail and the finest of ingredients and spirits that define the 'must have' fine drinking experience in their city.

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Enrique Ignacio Auvert’s Charlie Parker

Enrique Ignacio Auvert represented Panama at the World Class Bartender of the Year final, 2013

Teatro Amador is a refurbished theatre in Panama City’s Casco Antiguo, the city’s heart and a World Heritage site. The exterior has been restored to its former glory while within the club the basic floorplan of the theatre is retained and revives its cultural spirit. Inside it’s a modern space, combining a new nightclub and art haunt, with a touch of the underground about it. Teatro Amador is one of the projects helping return vibrancy and nightlife to Panama’s beautiful colonial core, with its distinct mix of art and music.

It’s the project of Panamanian DJ duo, brothers Lloyd and Kevin Keene, the pair behind Villa Augustina, so you’ll be guaranteed good music and entertainment as well as great cocktails in the heart of Panama City.

The Bartender

Originally from Venezuela, Enrique Auvert, 27, stared working in the industry three years ago while at university, cutting his teeth in the bars of Panama City. ‘I used to begin formulating drinks with all the fresh fruit we get here,’ he explains, ‘now I start with the liquors and modifiers (fortified wines that soften the base spirit) to get a better balance.’ He is now head bartender at Teatro Amador. Though a lot of inspiration comes while surfing, Enrique likes blogs, such as Warren Bobrow’s, as a source of information. ‘One thing is certain in this profession,’ he believes, ‘you learn new things everyday from both fellow bartenders and customers, and that is both amazing and important.’

The Drink

Based on a Sidecar cocktail and a homage to all things jazz, in particular the eponymous Charlie Parker, this drink is served with a touch of retro chic. In its full ceremonial form it is served in a silver flute with a bombilla (the metal straw typically used to drink yerba mate) mimicking the elegant horn form of the saxophone. In terms of flavour, the recipe matches the citrus of the Ketel One with Cointreau and lemon, while honey complements the vodka’s sweeter notes.

The Technique

Ketel One vodka • 40ml
Cointreau • 10ml
Vanilla liqueur infused with rosemary • 5ml
Lemon juice • 10ml
Honey • 10ml
A Saril flower, mint leaf and cinnamon stick to garnish
Contains 17 grams of alcohol per serve

Dry shake all the ingredients in a chilled shaker. Double strain into a chilled silver flute glass. Top-up with crushed ice.

Garnish with a Saril flower, mint leaf and cinnamon stick. Serve with a silver bombilla straw and a glass of water.

There are live bands on Thursday nights, DJs on Friday, while Saturdays could be either dancing or an art event – so choose the cultural and musical vibe you want to go with your Charlie Parker.

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Enrique’s Insider’s Guide to Panama City

Place to stay
Le Meridien

Place to eat
Seafood restaurant Manolo Caracol

Place to relax
San Blas beaches (on the Caribbean shore)

Place to lounge
Barlovento (a rooftop bar)

Place to shop
Albrook Mall

Place to visit
Casco Antiguo