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Welcome in the weekend with the winner of World Class Bartender of the Year 2013, David Rios, as he shares his Aroma cocktail.

Aroma was developed from another of David’s cocktails, Rivers, and typifies his will to endlessly evolve in his craft and his recipes. The name is a composite, taken from those of David’s young twins, Aroa and Markel. It compounds the honey, spice, fruit and oak palate of Zacapa 23 with the tropical richness of coffee and coconut. The drink is delivered in flavoured layers, with the robustness of the main mix being sipped through a light coconut mousse to meld into a complex and intensely aromatic whole.


The Technique

Zacapa 23 • 50ml
Coffee liqueur • 10ml
Orgeat (almond) syrup • 10ml
Coconut cream (or single cream as an alternative)
Ground coffee beans
Coffee bean and mint leaf to garnish
Contains 18 grams of alcohol per serve

Shake all the ingredients together (except the coconut cream) and pour into a wine glass. Shake the cream in a shaker to give it volume and gently pour it over a barspoon to form a layer on top.

Garnish with a grated coffee bean and then rest a mint leaf and whole coffee bean on top.

Aroma was designed as an accompaniment to Crème Catalan or Crème Brûlée, so it is best enjoyed with such a dessert, or even as a last course in its own right after supper.

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