The definitive guide to the finest drinking experiences

The World Class 50: The Definitive Drinking Guide features 50 of the most innovative and talented bartenders from across the globe. Each bartender showcases the perfect location, the most inventive cocktail and the finest of ingredients and spirits that define the 'must have' fine drinking experience in their city.

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No longer the sole preserve of fine wine, food pairing is increasingly popular in the cocktail world too. Want to discover the recipes that suit each other to perfection? Can you match the drinks to the dishes they were crafted to complement?

1. With rich flavours of fig and honey, Kirill Runkov’s Barbarian Cocktail is highly civilized when served with a warming winter lunch of duck, beetroot and cracked wheat

2. Laden with Talisker and Swedish ice cider, Emil Seth Åreng’s Steamboat Alma anchors any self-respecting cheese plate

3. Packed with coconut and coffee, David Rios’ Aroma rounds off supper with a pudding such as Crème Catalan or Crème Brûlée

4. Fresh, delicious and tasting a lot like pink grapefruit pressé, Brian Silva’s Negroni Finis was shaken with brunch in mind, in this case excellent eggs royale