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Giacomoloris Giannotti, Mediterranean Treasure

The Drink

As its name might suggest, Mediterranean Treasure is inspired by the flavours that surround Barcelona. It is a sour/savoury cocktail that blends flavours of both land and sea. The full-bodied Tanqueray No. Ten with its fresh citrus fruits and botanicals is muddled with coriander in the preparation of the cocktail. Furthermore, Oyster leaf (a member of the borage family, also known as sea bluebell, with a taste that resembles that of the shellfish) is infused in Fino sherry to give saltiness and a distinctly Spanish tang to the recipe. If you really want to go for maximum maritime, it can be served in a seashell and enjoyed with fresh seafood


The Technique

Tanqueray No. Ten (muddled with coriander) • 50ml
Fino dry sherry infused with Oyster leaf (25 leaves per half litre for three days) • 20ml
Elderflower liqueur • 5ml
Fresh lemon juice • 18ml
Mediterranean honey • 12ml
Fresh coriander leaves • 10 (to infuse)
Egg white • 15ml (for foam)
Contains 21 grams of alcohol per serve (Serves 2)

Grind the coriander leaves in a mortar and cold infuse the Tanqueray No. Ten for a few minutes. Then dry shake all ingredients (apart from the egg white) and double strain. Top with the foam.

To try the cocktail made by the man himself visit Ohla Boutique Bar, Barcelona, Spain

Images by Martin Mendez